Does Your Injury Or Medical Condition Prevent You From Working?

When you are injured on the job or have a medical condition that does not allow you to work, it is difficult to retain good financial health. You have to navigate things like medical expenses, lost wages, numerous medical appointments and calls from insurance companies. Simply managing your pain or condition is hard enough. Add to it financial insecurity, and you may not know what to do.I am Stanley R. Stein, Attorney at Law, and I can give you the necessary legal tools, services and knowledge to help you get workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. These programs help you pay for expenses associated with your condition or injury, and you deserve this kind of assistance if you are unable to work or perform the duties of your current job. I will fight for you to get this assistance — all the way to trial if necessary. I am also one of the few lawyers in Ohio that will represent a federal injured worker. I also help clients who are federal employees get federal workers’ compensation.

On Your Side At Every Step

The process of acquiring and maintaining workers’ compensation or appealing a SSD claim can be difficult and long. There is a lot of nuance in these processes, considering especially that those involved may not necessarily be on your side. With over 50 years of experience in these practice areas, you can be sure that I will make the process as easy as possible, and I will avoid any unnecessary pitfalls or roadblocks that arise. I will always put your best interests first and do everything I can to advocate for you.

When you come to my office, I will speak with you personally about your situation and your options and answer all of your questions. Whether you have been denied disability benefits, suffered work-related injuries or need federal workers’ compensation, you will feel at ease and confident in the actions I take on your behalf. While these processes are long, I will stick with you at every step, give candid legal advice and do what I can to help you get what you deserve.

Schedule A Consultation Today

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as problems arise in these claims. For SSD claim appeals especially, the deadline comes quickly. Schedule a free initial consultation today to discuss your case and your options today by calling 614-224-7077. You can also contact me through email.

I am based in Columbus, Ohio, and I serve clients throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas in central Ohio.