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Are you navigating the various pitfalls of workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability claims? Do you feel overwhelmed by the calls from insurance companies and other entities that do not hold your best interests at heart? Has your claim been denied despite your inability to work?

I am Stanley R. Stein, Attorney at Law. I can help you through the long and oftentimes difficult journey of acquiring, maintaining or appealing to get workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. If you have been injured at work or have a permanent ailment or condition that prevents you from working, you need a lawyer to guide you. You deserve the financial assistance of these programs, and I will do what I can to ensure you get them. I am also able to help clients who are federal employees get federal workers’ compensation.

Your Personal Advocate

When I represent you, I bring with me over 50 years of experience, a passion for law and dedication to my clients. I know these practice areas inside and out and can help you with any situation that arises from them. In workers’ compensation or SSD cases, there are a lot of deadlines to meet and a lot of hoops to jump through. I will lead you through every one with ease and expertise.

Through it all, I will communicate with you at every step. When you work with me, you work with me personally. I will answer all of your questions and make sure you understand what is happening. Through everything, I am your advocate, and I will fight for you. If that means going to trial, then so be it. Stanley R. Stein, Attorney at Law, is ready.

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Stanley R. Stein, Attorney at Law, will represent you in cases involving SSD and workers’ compensation. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 614-224-7077. You can also contact me through email.

My office is located in Columbus, Ohio, and I serve clients throughout Columbus and central Ohio.